Late career change Anxiety

Karen is an excellent Homeopath! I consulted her last year when I was facing some really difficult times in the workplace. I was very anxious and quite breathless prior to lessons, which was naturally nerves for a new teacher, but after the first dose of the remedy there was immediate improvement. I couldn’t believe it.  I’m not one for taking prescription medications, so to find an alternate therapist to provide a natural, inexpensive, non-invasive and highly effective treatment is brilliant. Thank you Karen for your care and support.

Female 67 – Anxiety and Social Isolation

When I first came to Karen, I was finding it extremely difficult to cope with the pressures of being a grandmother, caring for my my elderly mother, and my husband who is in the early stages of Alzeihmer’s Disease.  I was extremely stressed, anxious when having to go out in public, and had started to isolate myself socially.  I also had a feeling of constriction  and tightening, or of a band around parts of my body. After I took a dose of the remedy, I found myself able to go out in public and interact with family members without feelings of anxiety.   I have been to homeopaths before, however, Karen took the time to really listen to me and to sensitively ask the right questions so as to properly support me.